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Opening to Health

Qigong & Meditation

To be comfortable in the cold, keep moving; To be comfortable in the heat, hold still;

To be comfortable in the world,

Stay Calm and Clear 


Lao Tzu's Real Power as translated by Ursula K. LeGuin

Opening to Health invites students and clients to empower themselves in healing, energizing and deepening their connection to the body, mind and heart.  A combination of ongoing classes in Qigong (Qi Gong, Chi Gong, Chi Kung), Tai Chi and Meditation, as well as workshops and private instruction are taught and conveyed in a non-competitive, compassionate environment.

Oliver Wilson has been enthusiastic about sharing and teaching  practices that improve health and wellness since 1998.  These arts have been a central part of his personal healing and health regimen.  He hopes that you connect with something that feeds and fuels you on your path!

Qigong in the Park

Thursdays 8-9 a.m. (class break for all of July and then resuming again August 1st) at McCormick Park 2950 N Columbus Blvd (North East corner - close to the basketball court).  Please bring a stool, yoga mat or blanket/sheet.

$12/class,  5 classes for $50, or 10 or $90

Relax into your body with breathing and gentle movements outside in nature.  We practice aspects of Qigong Dissolving, Heaven & Earth Qigong and Qigong massage.  Under the nurturing shade of a large pine tree, connect with the elements of nature.

Full Moon Meditation

next gathering in the fall of 2024- Carlisle's wonderful yard (803 S 5th Ave - enter through the yard on 18th St.) By Donation

Learn to use the vibrancy of the moon to improve health, energy and well-being. We'll co-create with the moon, earth and nature through breathing and gentle Qigong practices.

Qigong with the Trees

Coming again in the fall of 2024....

Please bring a stool, yoga mat or blanket/sheet.


Doing mind/body exercises in the presence of trees is an age old practice.  Trees can be allies in improving energy, connecting with the vertical energy channel, grounding and so much more!

In these classes we'll practice ways to connect with trees in different Tucson park locations.

Private sessions are available



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