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Opening to Health invites students and clients to empower themselves in healing, energizing and deepening their connection to the body, mind and heart.    A combination of ongoing classes in Qigong and Meditation, as well as workshops, Full and New moon gatherings, private instruction & one-on-one healing sessions are taught and conveyed in a non-competitive, compassionate environment.

The compassionate approach to these practices is to be good to yourself, what the Taoists refer to as  the 70% principle.  When one goes to 100% of capacity in movement or effort strain of the body, nervous system, mind or emotions is inherent.  By honoring 70% of our full capacity we are working, growing, moving and breathing without strain.  For example, if one's maximum (100%) breath was a 10 second inhale you would then practice about a 7 second breath.  You would be consciously working the breath but not introducing strain to the nervous system, the muscles involved in breathing, the ligamental attachments to the internal organs, the mind etc.  For folks with injuries, illness and chronic conditions starting at 40% of your full capacity is a very healing approach as it gently restores the vital force.  This is the opposite of "no pain, no gain!"

Oliver Wilson has been immersed in energy, healing, mindfulness and spiritual paths since 1994.  Having numerous chronic injuries and illnesses
in his early 20's that were not healing through conventional means
propelled him to seek out alternative paths.  He gradually moved from being a "crash and burn" athlete to honoring the wisdom of the body, mind and spirit.

His first taste of meditation in 1994 was through Vipassana at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center in Massachusetts.  Soon after he found Brookline Tai Chi (BTC) and resonated with their emphasis on health, relaxation and meditation.  Immersing himself in the internal arts of Qigong, Neigong, Wu Style Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Taoist Meditation was a prelude to finding joy in sharing these arts through teaching.  After teaching friends Qigong he trained more extensively and turned his passion into a full-time job at BTC.  He taught 15 classes per week plus private sessions from 1998-2003.

He has been certified by Master B.K. Frantzis  to teach  Dragon & Tiger Qigong, Opening the Energy Gates Qigong and Wu Style Tai
Chi.  He has received additional training from  Bill Ryan, Alan Dougall, Susie Rabinowitz, Frank Allen, Bernard Langan and Susan Kansky.  He has also studied Yang Style Tai Chi with Grandmaster William C.C. Chen and Sifu Alan Shapiro.

In 2000 an ongoing quest for deeper compassion and healing
led to exploring  heart-centered paths including Tibetan Buddhism and Sufism.  Moving to Eugene, OR in 2003 began a deepening of his
connection to nature-trees, rivers, the earth, and mountains.  For 6 years he did daily mind/body practices in nature, enthusiastically connecting with wise old-growth trees.  From 2006-2009 he practiced a branch of Shamanism, the Munay-Ki.  He continued to teach classes, workshops and private sessions in Eugene thru his business Wu Wei (doing without doing) Arts.

In 2009 the call of the desert propelled him to the transformative energies of Tucson, Arizona. He continues to explore in the natural world around Tucson which fosters inspiration and renewal.  He is grateful to the teachers, guides and friends who have helped him on his path.


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