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Qigong in the Park

Thursdays 8-9 a.m.  (class break for all of July and then resuming again August 1st) At McCormick Park -2950 N Columbus Blvd (North East corner - close to the basketball court).  Please bring a stool, yoga mat or blanket/sheet.

$12/class,  5 classes for $50, or 10 or $90

Relax into your body with breathing and gentle movements outside in nature.  Under the nurturing shade of a large pine tree, connect with the elements of nature

Qigong for Self-Care  

Relax into your body with gentle and energizing movements including self-massage, standing meditation, breathing and balance exercises.  Activate the bodies meridian pathways, loosen the joints, cultivate internal awareness and clear blocked and stagnant Qi.  Learn to slow down and bathe in self-nurturing energy.

Dragon & Tiger Qigong 

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is a set of 7 relaxing and flowing movements that energize about 80% of the major acupuncture pathways in the body.  This set improves flexibility and is great for chronic conditions.  Very helpful for clearing energy!

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